Manchester City once approach Alonso for the coaching job but was turn down.

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Manchester City once approach Alonso for the coaching job but was turned down.

Manchester City had approached Xabi Alonso take over as Pep Guardiola’s right-hand man to replace Mikel Arteta’s departure. But Alonso refused to accept.

Manchester City have revealed to have approached Xabi Alonso, the former Spanish national team midfielder. to take over as Pep Guardiola ‘s right-hand man to replace Miguel Arteta departure. But Alonso did not agree until the deal eventually collapsed.

Four years ago, Guardiola had to lose his close right-hand man, Arteta. Who move to take over the job of managing Arsenal full time. Then, last summer, Enzo Maresca, the new right-hand man, moved out. From Etihad Stadium to manage Leicester City

Recently, it was revealed ยูฟ่าเบท that had approached by Manchester City to help Guardiola’s work as his right-hand man to replace Arteta.

However has refuse an invitation from Manchester City because he has only recently taken charge of Real Sociedad B and wants to continue his path as a big manager. rather than accepting a job as someone’s assistant

Alonso chose to stay with Sociedad at the time and then take over as manager of Bayer Leverkusen. later fully

Under Alonso’s team, the drugstore team is getting closer to its first Bundesliga championship. And have the opportunity to win more than 1 championship as well, as now they are still undefeated in every program. Until he was link with a job managing Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Manchester United for next season.

Xabi Alonso says his focus is on Bayer Leverkusen amid the speculation. That he could be Jurgen Klopp’s successor at Liverpool.

Klopp announced that he will leave Liverpool at the end. Of this season earlier today. While Leverkusen head coach Alonso is revere at the Merseyside club having play 210 times for them between 2004 and 2009.