Symptoms of depression.

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Depression in each patient has different symptoms depending on the severity of the disease, gender, or age. They may have feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, hopelessness, and irritability. These emotions will have More intense and lasting longer than normal. 

It can also affect the body to feel tired all the time. Body pain , difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much. Or have behavior that separates you from society, can’t concentrate, can’t work, loses interest in things. You used to like to thoughts of suicide or harming oneself UFABET

Causes of depression.

Depression can be caused by many causes and a combination of factors leading to the development of depression, including abnormal functioning of certain parts of the brain and unbalanced levels of chemicals. The patient’s previous personality traits that facilitate coping with depression Stressful life events and severe psychological trauma Including symptoms of disease and use of medicines that are followed by complications or side effects in the form of depression.


Currently, there are three main methods of treating : Using Antidepressant drugs talking Psychotherapy. And stimulation of brain cells and nerves (Brain Stimulation Therapies) 

Most often, doctors treat patients with antidepressants and talk therapy together. In cases with very severe symptoms Has behavior aimed at harming oneself or committing suicide. Therefore, brain and nerve cell stimulation should be choose for timely treatment. The doctor must also consider which medicine to use. talk therapy. And what type of brain cell stimulation will be the safest and most appropriate for that patient?