Pochettino says he will definitely not submit his resignation from Chelsea.

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Pochettino says he will definitely not submit his resignation from Chelsea.

Mauricio Pochettino firmly insists he will never relinquish his seat. Definitely resigning from his Chelsea job during this season.

Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea manager firmly insists. There is no way to give up the chair. Definitely resigning from his job at Stamford Bridge himself during. This season, although his performance will continue to fluctuate.

Coach Artengine Said before leading the team into the Monday Night game. This Monday with Newcastle United, he said: “The project we are working on today is not like it was before. This is Chelsea, which is not like it was before.

“You will judge us by comparing the situation we are in now with the Chelsea of ​​the past era. Of course, no one would be satisfied. So there is probably no football fan who loves another coach more than I do right now.”

“It is a new project for the team. And everyone must understand this part.”

When the reporter ask, As for whether he plans to resign himself, the former Spurs boss said: “No, no. Why do I have to resign? no way”

“You can ask my team members. If they believe that if they work with another coach they will do better. I will be the first person to say to them, โปรโมชั่น ufabet ‘Hey, you guys go talk to the top brass and the sports director’.”

“But do you see me worrying about this? No. So is attitude a problem? No. They are smart enough. You can see from their behavior and everything else that they support us.”

“I came here because I knew it would be a difficult task. And I know that we will need time and confidence to add to it.”