Trippier jokes that his son wants to hold Mbappe’s hand. 

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Kieran Trippier the Newcastle right-back revealed before the Champions League group game against Paris Saint-Germain (Oct. 4) that. Even his son, who is a Musk kid. The Newcastle boss still prefers to take rival star player Kylian Mbappe on the field rather than alongside his father.

Six-year-old Josh Trippier is Kieran’s heir, but he idolizes the France captain. So I begged for the privilege of spending the night at St. James Park alongside the Frenchman.  UFABET

In this event, the 33-year-old star star tells an emotional story. 

“The other night I was flirting with you, Josh. What did my son say? Do you know? He said he wanted to walk onto the field with Mbappe instead of holding his father’s hand. I’m not happy about that!” Opening his mouth at the press conference. 

“My son is the number one disciple. Liked to watch clips of Mbappe playing on YouTube. So he gave Josh an ultimatum: If you hold Mbappe’s hand on the field. Don’t turn to look at his father’s face when he’s in the tunnel! ”

“The interview was a bit of work, personally facing Kylian was a challenge. I myself am ready.” 

“In the past, my entire career has played against many talented wingers. This game is no different.” 

“The Champions League is the competition I want to play in. Because you will face the best wingers in the world.” 

Asian Handicap tied with Newcastle -10, total score two and a half plus three.