Manchester United are as quiet as a cemetery.

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Christian Eriksen a senior player for Manchester United admits that. The atmosphere in the dressing room under Old Trafford is now quiet like a cemetery. Hardly anyone uttered a word of teasing. The experienced footballer tried to console the prospect who lost 2 matches at home because of bad luck.

United just lost to Galatasaray 2-3 in the Champions League group stage. Continuing from losing to Crystal Palace 0-1 in the league game, both matches were played as the home team. UFABET

It means that in the 2023-24 season the ‘Red Devils’ were at home 3 out of 6 matches in all competitions. When adding the loss to Brighton 1-3 in the middle of last month. Creating a somber atmosphere in the locker room until you could only hear the humming of the air conditioner. 

However, as a player who had already experienced near death. The Danes said just a little bit. I just want the people to go back and make amends. Minor details that are wrong Confident in the bright path that awaits. 

The spokesperson said on ‘Football on TNT Sports :

“It was a major disappointment. Our dressing room is quiet right now.”

“I think during the game we had some good moments. But the ending wasn’t pretty. Because every time you take the lead, you lose it quickly. It definitely makes it difficult to stay in the game.” 

“That is something that needs to be fixed quickly. I don’t think it’s a confidence issue. It’s even more important to be aware of it. And sharpen it so we can get back to shore.” 

“Two times leading the opponent but letting the chance to win slip away. It has happened to us a few times this season.” 

“But I still don’t believe the problem is a loss of confidence. I think I just made a wrong decision on the job. And no matter how bad luck is on the island at this time. There is homework to go back and do. Edit details” 

“The opportunities that our competitors have are all due to our own mistakes. which if we don’t do something bad Didn’t concede a goal.” 

“This is only the first phase of this program, having played 2 out of 6 matches. There are still many matches left to play.”

“Know that from now on you must win everything. for a chance to advance to the next round.” 

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