Ten Hag counters that the people of Vocation found fault in punishing Antoni.

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Eric ten Hag the manager of Manchester United, responded to the critics and feminists on social media. Who criticized the organization over the assault case against several girlfriends of winger Antoni. When the legal department has not yet decided Brazilian players are innocent.

The £85million star has been accused of assault by at least three ex-girlfriends in England and his native Brazil.   UFABET 

As a result, over the past several weeks, Antoni has gone on the road to confirm his innocence. For example, last week I just went to the Manchester Police Station to acknowledge the charges. And give evidence to investigators for more than 5 hours.

The 23-year-old winger has been allowed to practice with the team since the weekend. Until able to play as a reserve in the Champions League game, losing 2-3 to Galataray yesterday. 

In which Antony, the unclean man was sent to compete in the European Club Championship game. This caused the Feminist group or the group to wake up to the issue of domestic violence to come out. And criticize United and Ten Hag heavily, saying they support the idea of ​​patriarchy, oppressing women, etc. 

Before everything got out of hand. ‘ETH’ clarified that the ‘Red Devils’ handled the Antoni case according to the appropriate process. 

Opening his mouth through ‘BeIN Sports’

“Surely enough it is said that the allegations of physical abuse of a family member. In everyone’s head, they saw it as a serious case.”

“Our club sees it as a life-and-death matter.” 

“So we released him from the team to settle the matter. He cooperated well with police in Brazil and Manchester.”

“Because he is not yet a defendant, Antoni can play.” 

Cases of physical abuse of family members / partners usually end with both sides reaching a compromise. Both in the form of a goodnight kiss. or the complaining party agrees to pay money to the injured party and litigation costs. It just might be a little expensive.