Keown can’t beat Zinchenko, so he has to use someone else.

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Martin Keown the football analyst on TNT Sports. criticizes Oleksandr Zinchenko, Arsenal’s left back, saying he was an oil well in the Champions League game. Losing 1 to Lens. -2 Yesterday. Especially the one who was overtaken, both lacked concentration and were physically unable to run.

The game at Stade Bolar de Leries was tied 1-1 when entering the 70th minute and became the ‘Red-Gold’, overtaking the lead 2-1. The moment they made the leap 1-2 to Permyslav Fran. Right-back Kovski made a cross and moved towards the penalty spot. Eli Wai planted his foot and fired a shot into the window at the far post UFABET

It’s one thing to blame the center backs for being loose or the goalkeeper being slow to move. But why did Zinchenko, who controlled the left side. Allow his opponent to cross a dangerous ball with no chance of interception? 

The former Arsenal centre-back said:

“I thought Zinchenko would be able to handle that cross but he didn’t.”

“That guy is closed in too much. Personally. I think that guy was just waiting to trap the player Lens to dribble at, not throwing himself in the way. So he was bounced 1-2 and penetrated his area of ​​responsibility.” 

“Then talk about the markings in the box. You have to control it better than it comes out.” 

“I know that this moment was controlled by the offside line. Pressure from cross ball But you can’t let your opponent search for the ball like that.”

“Considered a beautiful finish. It came at a great time. But I would be extremely disappointed if that guy scored in that manner.”

“You have to stay there even after the first ball passes. The center back is nearby. You have to be careful of anything that enters your frame.”

Zinchenko barely got a full pre – season for 2023 because of a calf injury. This season, only played the full 90 minutes once. The defensive performance was leaky. There was hardly any offensive role.