Maddison had previously posted a tweet cursing Spur-Bale.

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Tottenham midfielder James Maddison has been accused of swearing at former club star Gareth Bale. Including new football teams in the past.

“Golden Spur Chicken” paid 40 million pounds to grab the England midfielder to join the team. It is a team addition that excites fans a lot considering the contributions Maddison has made over the years.

While fans waited for the 26-year-old to arrive. It was noticed that Maddison had recently deleted a social media post. His own media used to taunt the club, including insulting Bale UFABET

Back in November 2012, he posted: ‘I really hate Gareth Bale Calm down. Wilshere is 10 times better than you.’

Additionally, in March 2013 he posted: “Hope Luis Suarez hits Tottenham today, dislike Spurs! Especially the monkey that everyone is talking about.”

However, it’s been more than 10 years since. He was just a teenager and hadn’t signed a professional football contract at the time. The tweet has been deleted since December 2019. When he was linked with Spurs.

The first tweet was on Nov. 17, 2012. Where he said. “I really hate Gareth Bale. Wow, chill monkey, Wilshere is ten times better than a chimpanzee like you.

” on 10 March 2013 where he posted: “Hope Luis Suarez hits Spurs today, dislike Spurs!