Countdown Premier League 2023/24: Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal

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Countdown to Premier League 2023/24: Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal with 10 matches that will determine the fate of the final stretch.

Liverpool is the only club that still has a chance to win the “four titles” this season.

• Manchester City, if they win the title, will become the first club to win the league 4 times in a row.

• If it’s Arsenal, they will become champions. First Premier League since 2004

“94” if you look at it as a number in the coffee drinking industry. It’s the best water temperature to bring out the flavor of the world’s most popular beverage, but for the 2023-2024 Premier League season, it’s the highest possible score in the Premier League this season for teams. That will the champion of England’s highest league After the big game at Anfield ended

Liverpool 1 – 1 Manchester City, a point split that will immediately prove game-by-game. And it makes the game at Arsenal’s Etihad Stadium truly an important game of the season. For the three teams competing for the championship. Because if there is a win or loss result The loser may be thrown off course.

The last 10 games, if evaluated in the most brutal case We may see all three teams go unbeaten for the rest of the period. But not losing may include not winning some games as well.

The path is still quite long. And there are still turning points. The fewer games Which team has a cup game to distract them? and increase the burden of team rotation The chance of stumbling is greater. But on the other hand, if you can pass, your chances of success will be high according to “High Risk High Return”.

The favorite!

Liverpool is still one of the favorites in the author’s opinion for the reason of the game which has finished its mission with both Arsenal and Manchester City. And if the game between Arsenal – Manchester City doesn’t have a winner, they will hold ทางเข้า ufabet the advantage of just winning every game, they will enter immediately.

Let’s talk about the competition program in the league. They do the lightest work. While in cup football, even though there are both FA Cup and European football remaining. But the intensity of the Europa League, which is less than the Champions League, should help them more or less. which in the end If they get to the point where they have to choose, they still have a chance to make another decision that will risk dropping out. Or do you want all of the remaining items?

Manchester City’s situation will reassess. After the game on March 31, 2024.

If they get all three points against Arsenal. They will come back with confidence again. At this point, the 28th week of the competition ended. The “forming champion” had not held the top spot for 16 straight weeks. But that doesn’t matter. Just finishing week 38 and they are number one is enough. In terms of experience, Manchester City have nothing to prove. They are strong all over the board in terms of team quality, coach quality, consistency in good results. It is the most deadly weapon of the Guardiola-era sailors.

Arsenal, personally, I think is third in terms of experience. 

The situation in the remaining competitive games is quite a few games with a chance of not losing and not winning many games. Especially the game against Chelsea. Who still doesn’t know what day the competition schedule will post. And it will definitely cause them chaos if they take it at the end of the season.

Looking at today, they, like Manchester City, must wait and see the results of their meeting at the end of this month. How many points will they finish with? The visit to Etihat has haunted them for many years. Even last year, a 4-1 defeat completely extinguished their hopes of the title. This meeting will prove the heart of Arteta’s team, whether they can overcome it or not. If they come back with a score greater than 0, they will definitely be full of energy and encouragement. Most importantly, the main players must not be injured, must not take sick leave, especially the defensive line that has very limited numbers at this time.

The only thing that Arsenal What was done very well was to attack the opponent’s goal in a way.

That currently has the best goal margin among the three teams. And the door distance is quite far. This section is like a special “half point” that will definitely have an effect if the points are tied. But will it be used or not? It also depends on what the score ends up being. And it might decide our fate.