Keown is inferior to the Carabao Cup, the first champion Manchester United in 6 years.

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Talk Sports analyst Martin Keown is another person who rarely credits Manchester United with the Carabao Cup winners. Because they seem unconventional. Plus, the competitors along the way are consider light.

Newcastle were United’s latest victims of a six-year streak of the title. When they were thrash 2-0 in the final at Wembley Stadium. While their previous opponents had stun. Just Forest, Preston, Charlton and Burnley. 

In the eyes of a former Arsenal player who has ‘Red Devils’ as a great adversary throughout his career. Keown sees that being content with only winning the Carabao Cup is wrong Trafford UFABET

“A lot of people are amaze by Manchester United’s performance. Or like ‘Red Army’, taunting me ‘big deal, Keown’. But I want you to see that you guys only win the League Cup, see the opponents beat them. Which team is coming in?” said the former England defender.

“They beat Burnley as a home team, beat Charlton at home, beat Forest as bottom of the Premier League table, all not the best teams.

“Now we’ve win the title – winning the Carabao Cup.” 

“Starting to talk about 4 titles in one season. Let’s wait and see in the next 6 weeks. If it can continue to win. There is no doubt that it is ready to challenge for the league championship.” 

“United are good people have a good team leader. And are good at seeing the personality from the inside convey to the outside. But this is just one trophy, just the League Cup.” 

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