Harry Maguire self-hypnosis is still important in the Ten hag era.

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Manchester United defender Harry Maguire remains optimistic that he is an important figure in the team’s manager Erik ten Hag. Despite his status in the team becoming the third centre-back.

Harry Maguire is the latest United captain to lift the trophy after beating Newcastle 2-0 in the Carabao Cup final at the weekend. Even if you touch the game on Wembley Stadium for only 2 minutes. 

That’s because the real center-backs in ‘ETH’ mind are Raphael Varane and Leesandro Martinez. With Luke Shaw or Victor Lindelof swapping squeeze again UFABET 

Despite not having much of a role on the pitch. The starlet says he is influential in the dressing room. Because even the 53-carat boss gave a compliment. 

Maguire told his official website. 

“Not at all, winning our Carabao Cup title doesn’t make me feel bitter-sweet together.”

“I am the captain of the club. And our main goal is to drive the team forward, bring back success. And this is part of the big picture.” 

“Listen, because I’m a professional footballer who wants to play every game. Wants to lead his team through the basement of the pitch and start kicking.” 

“I want to be involved with the team. own the armband Great responsibility on and off the pitch. So it’s better to put your head down to work and help your friends.”

“The manager of the team opened up to talk. Tell me every day that you respect me. And is believed to be the leading centre-back for all contributions to your team. 

“But you understand from the point of view of the players that they want to play. I also understand that the boss cannot change the squad when everyone is playing well.” 

“This achievement is a great day for the club, mine is the pride of the family. To come in the stands to watch me lift my first trophy for Manchester United. 

Maguire has only played 20 games in all competitions this season. But only 10 in the league .