Haaland close to kissing Nike up 20 times his salary.

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Erling Braut Haaland the Manchester City football striker is about to get another boot sponsor in a new contract. By probably choosing the same owner like Nike. Because they dare to pay handsomely 20 million pounds – per year – to be the face of the brand.

Reports from ‘The Athletic FC’ that the 22-carat spear was originally a ‘Swoosh’ family. Until the end of the contract in January 2022 and there was an attempt to sign more. But the conditions were satisfactory for both parties. So everything was a vacuum. 

Of course, it opens the way for rival brands like Adidas, Puma or Under Armor to try and approach the Norwegian Spear to join their army. But was unable to put his head down. So he wore black boots to compete for years. UFABET 

Until recently, there was a positive sign because representatives of Haaland. And the American brand reached an agreement together and kissed the lips as a family again. 

It is estimated that Erling will earn Nike Football’s top wages at £20m-per-year. To prepare to be pushed as a poster boy instead of Cristiano Ronaldo. Who is on the decline and has a long career in the Saudi Pro League. 

The number of new sponsorship contracts will be 20 times higher than before. Because it was estimated that before that was just £1 million per year. 

Haaland’s performance this season has been outstanding, with 27 goals in the English Premier League leading the league. And win the European Golden Shoe Award.