How is sugar dangerous to health?

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Sugar is a type of carbohydrate that even helps provide energy to the body. But if consumed in excessive amounts, it can cause health problems from head to toe. People of all ages should reduce their consumption of foods and drinks that are high. For your own good health

Consuming too much added sugar in food or drinks May cause negative effects on health as follows:UFABET

Weight gain.

after consuming high amounts. The body will change the sugar it receives in excess of what it needs to accumulate and become fat. This may be the cause of weight gain leading to a risk of obesity. In addition, fructose sugar is often added to beverages such as soft drinks or fruit juices. May inhibit the body’s response to the hormone leptin. Which has the ability to help control hunger and make you feel full. Therefore, consuming food or drinks that contain fructose may make you feel hungry more often than usual and lead to eating larger amounts. And there is also research that has found that consuming sugary drinks causes the accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity. This may be one factor that causes diabetes and heart disease as well.

Variable energy levels.

After eating something sweet, people often feel more energetic than usual. That’s because consuming sugar causes blood sugar levels and the amount of insulin in the body to increase. This results in increased energy levels as well. However, this feeling is usually only temporary for a short period of time, as blood sugar levels drop quickly afterward. This fluctuating level can cause the body’s energy level to fluctuate. and results in feeling tired or exhausted as a result